About Us

EdBrite is a private-funded project sponsored in part by the World Evangelical Theological Institute Association (WETIA)

Mission Statement

EdBrite’s mission is to bring education technology to all education programs around the world including colleges, universities, schools, seminaries, churches, ministries, non-profits, organizations, and individual teachers.


Our goal is the lower the barriers for small and medium-sized institutions to get started with education technology. EdBrite will accomplish this by:

  • Keeping our technology free and affordable
  • Designing interfaces that users of any technology level can quickly learn
  • Translating our platforms across international and multi-lingual contexts
  • Building tools that are powerful, easy to use, and beautifully designed
  • Hosting our solutions, eliminating the need for institutions to buy and maintain their own costly equipment and servers
  • Maintaining a high quality of excellence in our service and support
  • Continually upgrading with the latest advancements in education technology